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Traveling with Dogs on Private Jets - The Ultimate Guide

When flying privately, owners can take their pets with them without adhering to the typical restrictions imposed on commercial airlines and without exposing their pets to cargo trauma and worrying themselves the entire time. Traveling by private jet with pets eliminates stressors and has many benefits. Here are the benefits and tips to prepare for your private charter flight with your pet.

What are the advantages of flying with dogs on a private jet

Flying with pets on private jets has great benefits, which guarantee safety and peace of mind for both pets and their owners. Let's take a look at some of the benefits for flying on a charter jet with your pets:

Stressless travel for your pet

Of course, the main benefit about flying on a private jet is that your dog is always with you. This prevents them from being stressed. Traveling in cargo is a traumatic experience for any animal, the quarters are cramped, there is a lot of shuffling around of the crate, loud and unfamiliar noises and temperature changes can be extreme, which can also be dangerous.

You and your dog will be the happiest and safest, traveling comfortably together in the cabin.

Ease of getting to your destination

Due to the global travel restrictions following the Covid-19 pandemic, reaching your destination on time is complicated. Commercial flights are often delayed, changed and canceled. This can be a huge stressor for you should your dog travel in cargo not knowing any of the upcoming conditions. By flying on a private jet you don't have to worry about any of these issues and have your pet right by your side. Both of you can travel safely and relax together without any worries about trusting stress-free transfers and delays of your pet during connecting commercial flights.

Travel in comfort

Having you by its sides allows your furry family member to feel more relaxed and comfortable for the duration of the flight, and you will be worry-free knowing you are all traveling together in a comfortable charter jet cabin.

Let's look at some of the most asked questions about traveling with dogs on private jets:

Can I bring my dog on a private jet without saying anything?

It is essential that you inform your charter sales associate of bringing your dog. Pets also have to be registered, same as all passengers. In addition, the sales associate can ensure to select an aircraft that will be able to accommodate all passengers and your dog comfortably. It is also necessary that all paperwork is in place before your departure. You wouldn't want to have delays on the day of your Trip.

Are there any age restrictions for pets to travel on private jets?

The transportation of pets is regulated by the United States department of agriculture in the USA, and private charter operators also have to adhere to the policies which states that: all pets need to be eight weeks old or above, fully weaned, and in good health.

Which pets can travel on private jets?

It totally depends on each charter flight operator. While most allow dogs, not all allow cats and smaller animals such as rabbits, hamsters, or birds. Some operators have limitations with smaller animals and require them to be crated for the flight duration. You must call ahead to know your options with your particular charter company so your charter sales associate can find the best aircraft for your situation.

Are there any legal requirements for pets on private jets when traveling to other countries?

It is important to know about the legal requirements of a country before traveling with your dog. Depending on your destination, you will have different provisions regulating pet entries abroad: these apply to commercial and private flights because they are specific to the country you are entering.

You should seek out the foreign countries requirements where you are traveling to have more information.

What about my dog's health?

Is a Veterinarian visit required before flying on a private jet?

Ensure that your pet is healthy, and for long-haul flights, we recommend that you take your dog to your Veterinarian within ten days from departure for a general check-up to ensure that your pet is in perfect health.

Dogs must have a rabies immunization, up-to-date vaccinations, and a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of travel. International travel, like humans, requires dogs to have the correct documentation and vaccinations; please check with the country's requirements.

Make sure to seek advice on adequately using your dog's medications, food, and water while traveling.

According to the American veterinary medical association, giving your dog medication before flying is not advised for several health reasons. For example, when sedating an animal, its natural ability to respond to its environment is usually diminished. It is not normally required to medicate a pet before flying, but some individuals might reconsider this. For this reason, it is critical to see a veterinarian before traveling with your dog.

Is it Safe to Travel with a Dog on a Private Jet?

Your dog should be buckled up, preferably wearing a harness that can be attached to the aircraft seat belt for takeoff, landing, and turbulences. Some passengers prefer to bring a crate, which is optional. Ultimately, it is crucial to keep your pooch safe during the entire flight, as well as to protect other passengers and avoid the potential for damage to the aircraft.

How to Prepare Your Dog before Traveling in a Private Jet?

Take your dog for a walk or exercise your dog before boarding. It will help calm your pup, and having them use the bathroom before a flight is a good practice.

Your dog may become alarmed by unfamiliar environments, sounds, or smells or become curious and keen to explore. Either way, this can make him more likely to try to run away, even if he is usually calm. Dogs should be microchipped and/or wear a collar with an ID tag that includes your contact information. Use a leash or harness on dogs during boarding until the doors shut.

What should I bring for my pet on a private jet?

The basics should be a solid leash or, even better, a harness, a blanket or towel for your dog to lay on, and to protect the seats, food, and water, including bowls and some of your dog's favorite toys.

There are some dog toys and chews that help eliminate stress and that will help your dog stay occupied during the flight.

Can my pet have food on the private jet?

You know your dog best, but Veterinarians advise limiting food before the flight and not feeding dogs during the flight to avoid an upset stomach and vomiting.

Can my pet have water on a private jet?

Water is important, but not in excess before or during the flight.

Monitor your dogs' water intake.

Can my pet be loose on a private jet?

Absolutely, Your dog can roam the cabin and be comfortable. Ensure your dog is safe during takeoff, landing, and turbulences and doesn't interfere with the crew performing their jobs safely.

Is my dog allowed on the seats on a private jet?

We recommend you bring clean blankets and towels for your dog to protect the carpet and furniture from access hair and possible tears. Having your pet groomed and nails trimmed before a flight is also good practice. Any damage to the aircraft interior can be very costly, and it is better to be prepared and travel worry-free.

Can my dog go to the bathroom on the private jet?

Most dogs will hold it for shorter flights, but it is good to bring pads that your dog can use if necessary, especially for long-haul flights. For cats, you would get a portable litter box.

Can my dog get travel sickness?

Yes, a dog, just like humans, can get travel sick. If your dog is prone to travel sickness or you just want to be prepared, you may ask your Veterinarian to prescribe a medication you can bring along.

It is also advised not to feed your dog before flying, but make sure to have some water available.

Many people hesitate to bring their dogs along on a plane, believing they will be unhappy and disruptive in an enclosed space, but we find that dogs also enjoy flying like their owners and usually behave very well in a private jet.


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