Luxury Luggage Favorites

Image by American Green Travel

Are you looking for the best luxury luggage, luxury travel bags, or the best travel accessories?


With endless products available in stores and online, we know it takes much of your valuable time to search through all these numerous choices and ultimately make a decision.
We did the work for you, researched and looked for favorites and highly rated products and services. In addition, we made sure to narrow it down to just a few choices in each category to make the decision-making even more effortless and time-saving.

Large Suitcases

Looking for a quality luxury large suitcase that will last you for a long time?

Here are some of our favorites for you to consider, whether a classic black suitcase,

a designer suitcase, or an extra large suitcase.

Small Suitcases

A small suitcase with wheels is a necessity for any traveler. Especially a quality carry-on

that can endure miles of rolling over its lifetime. Here we picked some of the people's favorite small rolling suitcases and highly rated spinner luggage.

Designer Luggage

We love everything luxurious and could not miss out on sharing our favorite designer travel bags and designer luggage sets. 
If you are interested in showing off your favorite designer on your luggage, you can be sure that your designer suitcase has high-quality craftsmanship.

Designer Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags are amazing and fashionable for an overnighter trip and a large duffle bag for

a weekend getaway. Designer Duffle Bags also make a great style statement piece,

and we were on the lookout for the best quality but also for that unique designer style. 

Luxury Travel Bags for Women

Are you ready to invest in a luxury travel bag? Here we searched particularly for women's high-quality, unique, and beautiful travel bags. The choices are endless and we hope you like our curated list for you.

Luxury Travel Bags for Men

We love luxury travel bags for men. It is incredible how much of a statement a classic mens duffle bag or a leather weekender bag will make any man look more fashionable.

There is something about a man that adds stylish accessories, and it was not easy to pick our favorite travel bag for men.

 Luxury Travel Accessories


Travel Accessories are one of our favorite categories on this luggage list.

Due to the abundance of luxury travel accessories, we decided to have two sections, one for the essential travel accessories for men and one for travel accessories for women.