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Best Dog Food Made in the USA

With endless offerings of dog foods in pet stores and online and new brands popping up daily, it can get confusing knowing if we are feeding our dogs the best healthy dog food. Even the dog foods for sale at your vet's office can make you question their quality and ingredient source since many are part of gigantic companies with great marketing tactics, yet you often hear of recalls.

has served us well over the last ten years, made in the USA, and only in frequent small batches - all ingredients are fresh and is quickly shipped to your door.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Made in the USA

  • No recalls ever

  • APHIS certified - all ingredients are fit for human consumption

  • No by-products

  • It has probiotics and prebiotics

  • It has chelated minerals - which increase absorption by 45%,

  • It has antioxidants, natural enzymes, etc.

  • Farm raised Cat Fish - no PCBs, mercury, arsenic, dioxins, lead, etc.

  • Hormone Free Chicken

Your dog deserves the best! Harmful chemicals found in store brand products lower the quality of life of these family members and even predispose our pets to cancer, other diseases, and long-term illnesses.


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