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Should you consider a Coffee Subscription?

In life, there are a few non-negotiable things. The first things that come to mind are food, water, and air- go without any of those for a little too long, and you probably aren't doing well. Coffee takes the #4 spot on this list- because, without it, most of us cease to function daily without a good cup of coffee.

Coffee has become a necessary part of life for most people.

People want consistency, quality, and variety- things you may not always be able to get at your local coffee shop. So, in this article, we'll be looking at some of the best coffee subscriptions and why you should consider subscribing.

Here is a list of the best coffee subscriptions for your review.

#1 Peet's Coffee, Berkeley, CA

First up on the list is Peet's Coffee, a company founded back in 1966 in California. The founder, Albert Peet, was actually a Holland native who had grown up learning the industry under the care of his father.

The Peet's Coffee monthly subscription comes in a variety of formats that all include free shipping, discounts on bigger spends (5% off $30 and 10% off $50), doorstep delivery, and special offers/swag when available. '

New sign-ups can get 30% off their first shipment!

Each shipment is hand-roasted and shipped on the same day, so customers get the freshest coffee experience possible. The coffee we get from big brands in grocery stores often has been roasted months before getting to us, and flavors are often stale- honestly, we just don't know the difference if we never tasted fresh coffee.

Finally, you can fully customize your coffee experience by selecting the brews you want, specifying how much and what kind of roast you're interested in. If you don't want the hassle of building an experience yourself, you can select from the most popular combinations with a few clicks.

#2 Real Good Coffee Co., Seattle, WA

Real Good Coffee Co. takes customer satisfaction to an entirely new level. Their pledge is top quality: "Love it, or We'll make it Right."

While I'm not the biggest fan of double entendres, this one hit home. Real Good, coffee provides everything from large bags to Keurig-compatible cups and even coffee pod subscriptions.

So you won't find yourself having to reconfigure your ideal coffee experience just to have a great cup of coffee.

Their subscription includes a variety of flavors to pick from on every shipment, fully customizable delivery schedules, 5% off subscription orders (yes, every single one), and doorstep delivery.

All of Real Good Coffee's shipments are roasted in Seattle and shipped with Amazon's intricate delivery network, so you get your orders as quickly as possible, maximizing the flavor and satisfaction of your coffee order.

#3 Beanbox Seattle, WA

Another Seattle native makes the list, and while these brands aren't placed in any order or priority or ranking, Beanbox has made it to many peoples' personal top #3.

Beanbox is unique because they're a little bit of a "coffee middle man." They sample the very best roasts from around the USA and gather them into convenient subscriptions for their customers.

According to the site, their subscriptions round out to $.55 per cup, include free shipping with subscriptions, and proceeds support sustainable farming efforts, including premium pay for coffee farmers.

5% of every subscription purchase is given back to you as a coffee credit, which you can eventually use to purchase for free from Bean Box.

As a customer, you can select your coffee preferences according to taste and roast, then fill out your order volume and frequency in an easy-to-use interface.

#4 Amora Coffee, Montgomery, AL

The founders of Amora Coffee were in for a rude awakening and a rapid life change when they took their very first tour of a coffee roaster back in 2010. According to their founding story, they were instantly rocked by the difference in taste and texture that came from freshly roasted beans versus what they'd been drinking their entire lives.

A year later, they started their own roast so that they could share the "eureka" moment of freshly roasted coffee with as many Americans as possible.

Amora's Coffee hunt for quality starts at the very source- the farms. Their coffee cherries are hand-picked at the peak of their ripeness to maximize flavor and texture. Then they're sorted and fermented, peeled, sun-dried on a brick patio, and sorted by hand to ensure no defective beans are in any batch.

All of this before even the very first stages of their unique roasting process, which uses 9 stages instead of the typical 3. Amora Coffee takes quality seriously, to say the least, and its subscription offers reward points that can be used on free gifts or more coffee.

#5 Lifeboost Coffee, Indianapolis, IND

Lifeboost Coffee is quickly becoming a beacon of health and sustainability. This ambitious company is aiming to solve a handful of issues at once: climate change, disease, and of course, your need for fantastic coffee.

To date, they've managed to offset 170214 tons of carbon emissions and have saved 188,009 trees.

The Lifeboost experience starts in an exclusive location in the mountaintops of Nicaragua. They source from a single location to avoid cross-contamination of molds (a surprisingly big problem in most coffee). The coffee is purely shade grown and is never treated with any additives, AKA, it's 100% organic.

On top of being organic, Lifeboost goes the extra mile by having their coffee 3rd party tested for Mycotoxins and over 400 other toxins to ensure that you're getting the healthiest cup of coffee possible. They also use sustainable farming methods and engage in fair trade with their farmers.

Top it off, their stomach-friendly blends are tested to ensure a pH of 6 and you can save up to 48% when you sign up with a subscription. Their VIP membership comes with many perks, too, including an annual birthday gift, rewards on purchases, exclusive early access to products, and even a free espresso machine once you've invested enough with them.

P.S. Their Coffee is roasted in small batches to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible and is simply delicious.

#6 Hawaii Coffee Company, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii Coffee Company is actually a group of sister companies that have come together to work toward a common goal- "your delight" and the happy byproduct of propelling the Aloha flavor of Hawaii coffee to International fame.

One of the founding bodies, Lion coffee, is or was technically one of the oldest coffee companies in the world. It was originally founded in 1864 as the Lion coffee company in Toledo, Ohio. In 1979, the Lion Coffee Company moved to Hawaii to work using the only beans grown in America.

Royal Kona Company is the second sister of the group by age, having been founded in 1968. Followed by two far more recent additions, Hi Tea! Born in 1995 and Royal Hawaiian Coffee, founded by Chef Alan Wong in 2013.

Today, Hawaii Coffee Company is the largest roaster of Kona coffee in the world, and they provide a number of roasts, brands, and flavors with their subscription service. The subscription pricing is also unique among the brands we've covered so far.

Your first order will be at full price. Your first renewal entitles you to a 10% discount. Your second renewal 15%, and your third earns you a 20% discount, which stays active as long as you maintain your subscription.

Ten days before your shipment is packaged, you'll get an email in case you want something extra with your order.

#7 Illy Caffe, Trieste, Italy

Illy Caffe is the first brand on this list that is based in a country outside of America. Interestingly, their subscription page actually starts with the option to select a plan that includes a machine vs. one that doesn't- unlike the other brands we've covered so far.

This makes sense, given that Illy Caffe produces some of the best coffee makers the world has seen thus far and will probably continue doing so moving into the future. Their technology is generally intuitive and straightforward to use and maintain.

Their machine-inclusive plans cover the machine's cost and the coffee you'll be provided with. Once you've selected the machine that's appropriate for your coffee needs, you can move on to select the right amount and flavor of coffee that works for you. You can actually customize your order with six different types of coffee.

#8 Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC,

Among all of the coffee companies on this list, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC stands by their name with ZERO exaggeration. Each batch is roasted fresh to order in Loring Smart Roasters, which are highly eco-friendly, and nitrogen flushed to reduce oxidation and preserve your coffee. At the same time, it's packaged for delivery to your doorstep.

Fresh Roasted pays attention to coffee at every stage of the journey from farmland to your tabletop. They source coffees that make the most difference to the farmers that grow them and the communities in which they live. They actually go out of their way to work only with Direct trade and Fairtrade certified growers and farmers, who are rewarded with a premium for every pound of coffee purchased.

Once the coffee is sourced, it is roasted in a collaborative effort between their in-house Q-grader and roastmaster. Batches are constantly cup tested to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible.

There is also a myriad of eco-friendly strategies employed by this company at every level, from choosing only Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees to including shipping options that help you offset the carbon footprint of your offer.

Wrapping it all Up

Whether you're a sophisticated coffee connoisseur, a person searching for a new flavor, or an environmentally concerned individual looking for ways to offset the carbon footprint of your coffee habit, this list has something for you. Be sure to bookmark your favorites.


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