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Our list of the best Chocolatiers worldwide!

Being a Chocolatier is an art form in itself. Crafting chocolate from processed cocoa beans and creating incredible assortments of yummy chocolate confections is a genuinely unique skill that not everyone has!

Don't think that they're just ordinary people making chocolate for a second, as their fantastic creations are nothing short of perfection!

Looking for a Chocolatier to memorialize your family trip to Paris with chocolate Eiffel towers? Or maybe you want to surprise your partner with delectable chocolate roses for a casual weekend away. In any case, we've put together a list of the best Chocolatiers worldwide that you can enjoy on your next luxurious


Let's check out the best Chocolatiers:

Pascal Caffet, Z Chocolate.

Pascal Caffet is a world champion Chocolatier and a master at his craft. His French tradition of using high cocoa content and 100% pure cocoa butter definitely shines through in his mouth-watering confections.

His chocolate confectionery, Z Chocolate, invented delectable single-shaped numbered chocolates with over 20 different flavors! For instance, chocolate #4 is a blend of rich 40% West African milk chocolate with a handmade praline of Spanish Valencia Almonds. And if you're looking for something with a fruitier edge? Well, chocolate #11 is a star-studded seedless raspberry puree blended with 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate.

You can get personal gift boxes and a tailored assortment to refill any of your favorite individually handpicked chocolate flavors. With its superior taste, an abundance of flavor, and exquisite packaging, no wonder Z Chocolate was rated the Best Chocolate Store in 2022 and is one of our favorite places to order chocolates.

Amaury Guichon, Sweet Shop.

Originally from France and now based in Las Vegas, Chocolatier Amaury Guichon has 17 years of experience in the chocolate world under his belt. Leading the chocolate molding industry, he's made outstanding pieces from life-sized Giraffes and Cellos to natural perfumes and necklaces- all made out of chocolate! I bet you wouldn't know the difference!

He recently opened his own chocolate confectionery, the "Sweet Shop" which makes it easier for people to purchase his creations. Listed as one of the top chocolatiers in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Weekly, there's truly nothing that this chocolatier can't create!

Ghyslain Maurais, Ghyslian Chocolatier.

Based in Union City, Indiana, Ghyslian Maurais is an expert at expressing himself through the art of chocolate. His experience as a pastry chef and head chef in first-class restaurants throughout his career eventually inspired him to open his own chocolate bakery, Ghyslian Chocolatier.

His realistic Turtle Mosaique gourmet chocolates are definitely a best-seller. Made with his signature caramel and hand-painted with milk chocolate, customers just can't get enough! He's also an active chocolatier of chocolate logos and wedding favors. So if you're looking for custom chocolate for that company dinner or your special day, he's got your back.

His work in his chocolate confections is extraordinary, and his love of the art form shines through.

Sabine van Weldam, Puccini Bomboni.

At the heart of Puccini Bomboni is chocolatier Sabine van Weldam. Her specialty chocolate bonbons are made with fiery ginger, imported Mediterranean roasted nuts, and a pure base of chocolate and cream. They are a clear representation of her philosophy: it must look just as good as it tastes.

Sabine's ability to connect to her customers with her chocolate confections is incredible. When you bite into a bonbon with a delectable and mouth-watering taste, you also get months of experimentation, huge attention to detail, and a tremendous passion for chocolatiering. You can have your chocolate and eat it too!


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