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9 Most Expensive Jordans

The Air Jordan line of sneakers, originally designed by Nike for basketball player Michael Jordan, are some of the most coveted footwear in the world. Along with other top Nike brands such as Air Force 1 and Converse, Jordans have been a fixture of the hip-hop community since their inception in the 1980s.

What are some of the Most Expensive Jordans?

The shoes' popularity has led to many knockoffs and counterfeit versions sold, despite official efforts to control this trade. Some counterfeits are made so poorly they are easily distinguishable from the real thing, while others are almost indistinguishable. There is a huge market for authentic Jordans among collectors and others who just want to own a pair of these highly sought-after shoes.

Some sneakers are so rare that you will never see them on sale. Discover a few of the most expensive Jordans:

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game – $104,000

The Air Jordan 12 Flu Game edition is a black and red version of the original Air Jordan 12. Not their original name, this pair of Air Jordan 12 is remembered by the story behind it. It was the 1997 NBA Finals, and Chicago Bulls were playing against Utah Jazz, with the Bulls in trouble and the latter closing into the victory. Michael Jordan was having flu symptoms and wasn’t feeling too well, but he found the strength to lead his team to victory that night, scoring 15 points and making for a memorable game.

Air Jordan 12 OVO – $100,000

The Air Jordan 12 OVO (short for October’s Very Own), released in February 2014, was the second collaboration between Jordan Brand and Drake. The sneakers were modeled after a pair of white-and-gold Air Jordan 12s given to Drake as a gift during his appearance at the Toronto Raptors' global ambassador event, Drake's Extravaganza Night.

The special edition colorway is already hard enough to come by, but now it seems that pairs, in general, are becoming more scarce. That said, it’s not surprising that pairs have been selling for astronomical prices online.

Air Jordan Silver Shoe (with autograph) – $60,000

Although the world has seen Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan Silver Shoes, only 10 pairs have been released, and most of them are owned by avid collectors. The sneakers were given to Michael Jordan as a gift from his wife on his 32nd birthday. These sneakers are worth buying for serious Jordan fans as it has MJ’s prominently emblazoned autograph. It also came with a certificate of authenticity, which helped its value soar high above $60,000.

Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample – $52,900

Everyone who cares about sneakers might have heard about the Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” sample, but if you’re not in the know, let us tell you all about it. The pair is a black leather upper with gold accents and an opulent design that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. It features a Transformers logo on the heel and even has patent leather to match.

The usual iconic Jumpman logo has been replaced by an Optimus Prime logo, while the patented leathers can be seen on the midsole. It’s also worth noting that this pair features a unique number 23, replacing it with 84, remembering the debut year of the original Transformers television series. This pair was a gift from Jordan Brand to Mark Wahlberg in celebration of the first Transformers film release. The most expensive pair ever sold was bought for $52,900.

Air Jordan 2 OG – $31,000

Even though the Air Jordan 2 OG “Chicago” is one of the most expensive Jordans, it is not the most sought-after model. The shoes were originally designed by Bruce Kilgore and were crafted in Italy. They were made available in two color schemes, but neither was that popular among sneakerheads. These Air Jordan 2s are considered one of the worst sneakers ever created. Their high price tag makes these shoes so different from other models. The pair is worth $31,000.

Air Jordan I (with autograph) – $25,000

One of the things that make basketball sneakers so popular is the status they carry. They are more than mere footwear; they are a piece of art. And what’s better than to have a pair signed by one of the best players in history?

The Air Jordan I is iconic for many reasons, and that’s why collectors want to own at least one pair. The autograph on this pair makes them one of the most expensive Jordans ever released. You don’t need to know anything about Michael Jordan or his legacy to understand how important this signature is for fans. The signature is in black permanent marker, and many of MJ’s Game-Worn Autographed shoes are signed with a ballpoint pen that wears away over time.

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition – $21,780

The Air Jordan 11 Blackout edition is one of the most expensive Jordans sold at an auction for $21,780. This shoe features several features like patent leather overlays and carbon fiber panels. However, whether the carbon fiber panels are authentic or replicas is unknown. Even though it is not known whether these panels are authentic, their design is still very detailed and intricate. Aside from its fancy appearance, it also has a comfortable fit.

Air Jordan 10 OVO – $20,000

The shoe features premium tumbled off-white leather with faux stingray accents. The upper features the gold “OVO” owl logo representing Drake’s clothing line, October’s Very Own. The golden Jumpman logo is featured on the heel, as well as a gold “23” on the tongue—a nod to Drake’s song “Started from the Bottom.” The design aims to represent the luxury lifestyle synonymous with both Drake and Jordan brands.

The shoe was released in limited quantities, making it extremely hard to come by and sell for up to $20,000.

Air Jordan XVII – $11,267

The Air Jordan XVII featured Nike's first Tuned Air system, which helped control the foot's internal temperature and a full-length shank plate for extra support and stability. They also had a removable strap covering almost half of the shoe, a hidden quick lace system with lace locks, and a very smooth feel. They were sold in a sleek-looking metal case as if all this wasn't enough. All these bells and whistles made the Air Jordan XVII one of the most expensive Jordans ever.


The Jordan brand is still strong and is projected to keep gaining momentum for years. Given the brand's unique history, its longevity is something that many brands can only envy. As Jordan shoes continue to become even more elusive and expensive, it will be interesting to see what number they hit in terms of being the most expensive shoes ever sold.


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