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10 Tips For Flying Private

Whether it’s your first time flying in a private jet charter, or you’re a seasoned flyer wanting to make the most out of your travel experiences, it’s important that you leverage all the benefits of flying in a private plane over commercial aircraft. At Rennia Aviation, we want to ensure each of our customers has the best possible experience. Before you board your next charter flight, consider the following top 10 tips for maximizing your enjoyment while flying private.

Find out more about how our private jet charters can help make your next trip the ultimate flying experience. Contact us right away for questions about our available aircraft and services or to schedule a flight!

What are the best tips for flying on private jets?

Choose The Right Aircraft

Every aircraft is different — we offer multiple private jets featuring varying ranges, speeds, seats, and luggage capacities, so each of our customers can choose the right charter for their unique needs. Choose from a wide selection of popular aircraft, including light jets, mid jets, super mid jets, and heavy jets. At Rennia Aviation, our team is available to guide you through the process of selecting the charter jet that best accommodates your travel plans. Contact us today to learn more about our available aircraft and find out about our preferred pricing program.

Find The Closest Airport

Booking a commercial flight does not guarantee you’ll arrive at the airport nearest your intended destination. When flying private, however, travelers can select their preferred airports and arrive at their destinations quicker. What’s more, with Rennia Aviation, travelers don’t have to worry about paying drastically increased flight fees with the selection of their preferred airports — commercial flights, however, typically increase costs based on airport size. As an ultimate convenience, travelers can save money by landing closer to their destinations.

Pay Attention To The Details

When it comes to booking charter flights over other means of travel, the difference is in the details. How many flight attendants will be on the flight? Will food and alcoholic beverages be served? Is Wi-Fi available during the flight? At Rennia Aviation, we clarify these details with each of our travelers, making certain their private jet rental is fully equipped with everything required for an unmatched flying experience. Moreover, we make the booking process as transparent and simple as possible — compare, book, and manage your flights with ease.

Enjoy Fewer Interruptions

Flying on charter planes means fewer interruptions for our passengers — kick back, relax, and enjoy your journey while we handle all of the details. Flying private provides travelers with the opportunity to customize their flights to their unique needs. Whether you’re flying to a tropical oasis for some much-need rest and relaxation, or your purpose of travel is business-related, a private plane charter can ensure you arrive at your destination on time without having to endure long layovers, among other interruptions commonly associated with traditional flights.

Arrive To Your Flight On Time

Among the wide range of benefits of flying private is traveling on your time. Traditional flights typically require that passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights — with private charter flights, travelers can set their schedule and enjoy the ease of convenience. Another major perk of flying private is that there is no such thing as missing your flight. Nonetheless, it is important to try to be on time to avoid any additional airport fees incurred as a result of delays at the time of your departure.

Request Anything You Need

With our private jet services, each member of our crew is committed to assisting travelers with whatever they may need. This is one of the most significant benefits of flying private over commercial, and we aim to make your experience as unique and pleasant as possible. We ask that passengers kindly make any specific requests they may have while booking their journey to ensure we have adequate time to fulfill all preparations. After boarding the aircraft, we ask that passengers wait until the plane is air-bound before speaking with our pilots.

Plan Ahead To Fly With Pets

For pet owners, flying private allows passengers the comfort of bringing pets along with them for the duration of their journey, without having to worry about certain restrictions commonly imposed when flying commercial. Passengers must, however, still make sure they bring with them completed paperwork and required documentation prior to boarding their flight. For more information regarding flying with pets on our charter flights, required documentation and paperwork, and any other details about our available aircraft and services, please contact us! We are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.

Tip The Flight Crew

Providing the flight crew with tips either prior to or following private flights is not a requirement, but it is a common practice within the charter flight industry. The practice of tipping shows appreciation of service, and it can even help cultivate relationships among crew members and passengers for flights to follow — you never know when you might fly again with the same crew! If your experience was positive and you received high-quality, professional service, offering your charter flight crew is a kind, appreciated gesture among all of our crew members.

Help Yourself While On Board

With our air charter service, the sky's the limit with regard to perks and benefits enjoyed by our passengers. In addition to the conveniences of traveling on your schedule, no flight interruptions, and specialized attention from our crew members to your needs, we invite you to help yourself while onboard our aircraft. From pillows and blankets to food and beverages, everything on board your aircraft is there for you. If you cannot find something you want, simply ask our crew members, and we will accommodate your request as best we can.

Ask For Local Tips

If you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been or a destination you’ve yet to familiarize yourself with, make sure to ask us for helpful information regarding places to stay, eat, explore, and enjoy. We’ll be happy to offer the best advice possible based on your specifications and intended travel purposes. Enjoy the best of our additional membership perks to help maximize enjoyment throughout your flight, including options for unique catered meals, in-flight entertainment to your tastes, and the ideal jet to fit your transportation needs!

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