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Upgrade Your Travel Gear with these Luxury Luggage Pieces

Trips and voyages are an essential part of one's life. It adds essence to your life and helps you replenish yourself. Studies have revealed that those people who tend to go on a trip at least every year are more energized and less depressed than those who don't. Thus, it explains why taking a trip at least once a year is crucial.

Concerning trips, the first thing that pops into our mind is luggage. Keeping all the required items in a backpack is essential whether a short road trip or a long flight. For that, numerous brands have produced multiple categories of bags, from a carry on bag to a large suitcase you can utilize on your trip.

However, purchasing the right luggage should be dealt with extreme caution. That being the case, I have put together a list of the top 10 bags that are perfect for any trip. They will add value to your money.

Let's Look at 2022 Best Luggage and Travel Bag Pieces:

1. The Large Check-In

Roam is a trustworthy brand that produces high-quality luggage, travel kit, pods, duffel, and more. For years customers have continued to buy from them and have received outstanding and classic bags. Among their top-notch bags, The Large Check-in is worth a purchase.

It is available in 11 different designs. Whether it is a hot chic Torquay or a classic and funky Portsmouth, you can have your pick according to your preference. One of the most impressive aspects of Large Check-In is that its handle has up to four adjustable modes. Now you won't be bothered by dragging your luggage with you.

The bag is made with 100% virgin polycarbonate, which gives it unmatched durability to withstand rain and provides a lightweight body. With Large Check-In, you wouldn't need to be bothered by security issues. It has TSA-approved combination locks that are easy to set but impossible to decode. It is available in both expandable and non-expandable options; you definitely want to try this out.

2. The Flexi-Duffel

Another fantastic product by Roam. The Flexi-Duffel will make you fall in love with it. The material and fabric it is designed are super soft yet durable. Also, one of the best aspects of the fabric is that it is 100% eco-friendly; you can rest assured that you'll contribute to nature.

You can carry the bag two ways according to your mood. The intelligent storage with functional pockets outside allows you to store your items more organized manner. Do you have a bad memory and forget where you keep your keys? If yes, then worry not; we Flexi- Duffel will get you out of the trouble. It has a key leash on which you can hang your keys.

The Flex-Duffel can be your ultimate travel partner. It allows you to keep your laptop in a separate pocket to keep up with your work. Definitely a travel bag you want to purchase!

3. Large Expandable Spinner

Our next spot is reserved for the Large Expandable Spinner from Briggs & Riley. The looks are pretty similar to a traditional suitcase. However, the functionalities are more. It is available in three different classy colors; you can have your pick according to your preference.

You can also have your initials or favorite three-digit code as the monogram for the bag. It will help you keep track of it when you're taking flights. This bag is perfect for anyone who wants to carry all their belongings to the new state. It has a large room for storage. On top of it, the packing kits on the other side of the luggage will surely help you adjust more stuff in it.

The suitcase comprises 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate material, providing it with utmost durability. You can use it on any trip, and you won't be disappointed. The body will stay scratch-free even after being roughly used. You can get this incredible luxury for $739.

4. Large Fold-over Backpack

On the fourth, we have the Large Fold-Over Backpack. Dear Hodophiles! (Travel Lovers). It is good to travel to the countryside which is why you are required to keep your essential items with you every time. That being the case, there will be a need for a backpack with ample storage that can stock all your requirements. If yes, then you should go for a Large Fold-Over Backpack.

It is available in a coal-black color, which is ideal for any user. The backpack design allows you to access the interior without opening the flap, which saves you a lot of time. It has excellent room for storage which is possible because of the countless zippers. It organizes space for you to keep your items efficiently.

The backpack uses high-quality, durable cloth that protects your items from rainfall or other factors. The Briggs-Riley are so sure about the quality of their bag that they offer a lifetime warranty. So, don't worry, you won't get scammed!

5. International 21" Carry-on Expandable Spinner

The International 21” Carry-on Expandable Spinner is an ideal travel partner. It is stylish yet super storage-friendly. You can store various items on the portions designed on the suitcase's body. The bag comes in three different fashionable and exquisite colors. You can pick what suits your taste the best.

The best thing about the Expandable Spinner is that in the expandable mode, it gives you about 22% extra space to store more goods than in a compressed way. The smooth metallic finished body won't even get a scratch on it as it is composed of highly durable material. Even after years of use, it will still look brand new.

On the inside of the suitcase, you can keep your clothes effortlessly, and they will stay well-maintained and crease-free to the end of the trip. Moreover, you can utilize the other side of the bag to store items that need to be organized separately. It has 4.3 stars reviews from customers worldwide, which automatically concludes the rate of quality that this suitcase possesses.

6. Extended Trip Packing Case

TUMI is another unique brand that produces the finest suitcases and bags range. You can pick any one depending upon your budget and requirement. Extended Trip Packing Case stands out among the top classy suitcases by TUMI.

It has an entire metallic body made from 19-degree aluminum. The body is exceptionally sturdy and durable yet chic and stylish. The glossy and shimmery body will make everyone go in wow. Despite the classiness, the usability of the bag is also very notable. It has small compartments that allow you to store items efficiently. It also has a cloth hanging option, which enables you to hang a standby coat for your meetings.

Also, the best part is that TUMI offers adorable and appealing stickers that can help you add finesse to your suitcase.

7. The International Carry-On

This International Carry-On luggage is the smaller Extended Trip Packing Case version. You'll get the same metallic finished body but in a compact size. It has a zip divider that separates the contents of your suitcase. The two-mesh zipper allows you to keep some extra stuff in it.

Like the Extended Trip Packing Case, it also has a hanger bracket to hang your standby clothes for the trip. With the three-stage telescoping handle, you can adjust the length according to your height.

To ensure the security of your items, the suitcase possesses two TSA-approved combination locks that are impossible to decode.

You can stick the vintage stickers to add a unique vibe to your bag.

8. Liv Backpack/Tote

Dear female fellows, here’s the backpack that you are waiting for. TUMI’s Liv backpack is sleek with shiny black or dark mauve leather finish making it look eye-catching. Despite its small and compact body, it has a padded zip compartment that can fit up to a 14" laptop.

Moreover, it has three other media pockets where you can store your essentials on the go. The Liv Backpack features a 100% water-resistant water bottle pocket, protecting all your goods in case of water spillage. On top of it, you can attach your house keys on the key leash. The bag can be carried both ways, depending on your style. You can easily switch it anytime.

There are two ways to access the main compartment of the bag. It also has adjustable backpack straps that you can adjust to your preference. To assure comfort and reliability to the customers, TUMI offers a one-year warranty on the backpack.

9. Misty Duffel

Duffels are perfect travel partners due to their size and usability. You can use it as extra baggage or a designated bag for your trip. It is available in three different classy shades; you can pick one according to your finesse. The product has full five stars rating on the website and is one of the best-selling products by TUMI.

It has adjustable straps to help you adjust it to your preferred size.

The Misty Duffel provides plenty of space to store your items. Unlike other bags, it doesn't have countless zip options.

The strap also allows you to hold your yoga mat, which is perfect if you're traveling to the countryside and want to gain peace and tranquillity.

It has a back opening which can help you add it to your suitcase effortlessly. It also features a monogrammable key holder. Like the Liv backpack, it also has a year-long warranty.

10. Compact Four-Wheeled Briefcase

Last but not least, we have the TUMI Compact Four-Wheeled Briefcase. The briefcase comes with various zip pockets that increase the spaciousness of the bag. It has a laptop carrying compartment, which can carry up to a 15" laptop.

The briefcase comes with a 5-staged telescopic handle, then can give your five different lengths. To promote the compactness of the suitcase, it has compression straps. One of the best things about the briefcase is its power bank outlet. The incredible magnetic zip locks fully function on the opening and closing of the bag.

Similar to the Misty Duffel, it has a back opening that can help you add it to your luggage. The four-spin wheel is sturdy and durable. They can run smoothly even on rough roads. Its 4.7 stars rating on the website makes it worth a purchase.

Final Thoughts

Travel bags are essential when you're planning for trips. There are tons of options that you can choose from. However, if you're looking for stylish yet durable luggage, you should try them out.

In our top 10 travel bags list, we've picked various style bags from your favorite brands. So, make sure to make these bags your travel partners for your next trip! You’ll thank us later.


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