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The Right Private Jet Can Make Your Trip All The Better

Chartering a flight means that you have a greater number of options to choose from. However, it also means that there’s more room for error when selecting the best private jet for your flight needs. Depending on your destination, the choice may already be made for you, such as needing a smaller plane for smaller runways, but often, there are multiple factors to consider. Rennia Aviation is providing these tips to help you choose the right private jet for your journey. When the time comes to charter a private jet, you’ll have the best options available when you fly with Rennia Aviation.

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How to chose the right private jet?

The Number Of Passengers

The best place to start when choosing a private jet rental is knowing how many passengers will be on the flights. Obviously, the more passengers you have, the bigger the aircraft you’ll need. While this doesn’t determine the type of private jet specifically, it does help you consider what category it will fall under.

For example, 2-4 passengers can usually easily fit in a very light jet, while 8-10 may require either a midsize jet or a super-midsize jet. If you have any doubts about the number of people or weight limitations, you can speak to a knowledgeable team member at Rennia Aviation for a more detailed answer.

Destination Is Key

While you may have researched all of the best restaurants and shopping spots where you’re going, it’s also critical to know about the technical information when selecting charter planes. Some things to consider include:

  • How many nautical miles between your starting point and your destination?

  • Will you need to stop to refuel, and if so, when and where?

  • Can the runway, both at your destination and refueling points, accommodate your aircraft?

While you may want a bigger aircraft to achieve a direct flight, the runway’s size at your destination may not be able to handle that size aircraft. Knowing this information will prevent complications from spoiling your trip.

Weigh Your Priorities

For some travelers, the journey is just as important as the destination. For others, forgoing some travel comforts helps them balance the budget while on vacation. Whichever category you fall in, there are reasonable options available for you. For example, most midsize jets and above come with flight attendants. While this can make the trip more enjoyable, it’s likely to incur extra costs.

In addition to weighing your priorities, consider the weight of your luggage. If you’re bringing several suitcases and your golf clubs, you’re going to need the space to accommodate that. The team at Rennia Aviation can review our various services and your needs to help you charter a flight that’s right for your needs.

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