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Luggage Weight On Private Flights: How Much Can You Bring?

Whether it’s for a business trip or escaping to a getaway island, traveling necessitates that you bring a lot of luggage with you. After all, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected, and private jets allow for more items to be brought abroad than on regular flights, such as pets, golf clubs, ski equipment, and full-size liquids. But just like with commercial flights, chartered aircraft has a max weight for luggage based on the size of the plane and how many passengers will be boarding. So, how do you plan if you’re not sure how much you can bring? Rennia Aviation wants to share with you everything you need to know about luggage limits based on the plane’s size so you can pack accordingly.

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How much luggage can you bring on the different private jet sizes:

Light Jet

The perfect size for quick business trips or weekend getaways, light jets such as the Beech Jet 400 are typically able to allow each passenger to bring a small, wheeled carry-on and a backpack or briefcase. These jets typically hold 6 to 7 people, and if the plane isn’t at full capacity, there is the potential to bring on an extra bag or two.

Midsize Jet

Boasting a larger size that can carry up to 8 people, a midsize jet also allows for more luggage to safely be loaded on. Typically, each passenger can bring luggage weighing up to 50 pounds. If there are fewer people on the flight, items such as golf clubs and skis can be brought, making it perfect for vacationing couples or small groups.

Super Midsize Jet

A popular choice for many flyers, the Hawker 1000 has a larger baggage capacity that can accommodate two medium-sized bags in addition to a personal backpack or briefcase. Super midsize jets are also ideal for carrying larger items such as golf clubs, surfboards, snowboards, and skis.

Heavy Jet

Heavy jets is where convenience becomes luxury. With extra benefits such as a couch area and even a bedroom in some models, heavy jets are the way to go for longer flights. Planes such as the Falcon 900 allow passengers to bring along two large bags and a personal bag in addition to whatever accessories they require to make their vacation perfect.

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