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Best Beginner Cigars to Smoke with Friends

Cigar smokers take their passion with them everywhere, and you will find a cigar shop in every corner of the world. The taste, scent, and fragrance of the cigars available worldwide are very different. It is not wrong to say that cigars have become a symbol of status and wealth in many contemporary societies.

Are you looking into the best beginner cigars and are planning

to implement get-togethers for

an afternoon or evening to smoke cigars with your friends?

In that case, it is important to acquaint yourself with the classic cigars that are the most popular beginner cigar choices.

Don't forget to check out the Cigar Guide for Beginners and familiarize yourself with the Cigar 101.

Ashton Classics are famous for their after-tase. The herbs, nuts, and oak residue, along with the creaminess of the flavor, make it a mild cigar for many smokers. Ashton's cigars originate from the Dominican Republic and are wrapped in Connecticut. They are not too strong, which makes them ideal for frequent use and the ideal beginner cigar. The chape of the Ashton Classic Cigar is Churchill with a size of 7.5 inches and a ring of 52mm.

Famous for its craftsmanship, Arturo Fuente is a top-selling cigar in the current market. The top-notch quality and nominal price make this Cigar unique from variants.

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro, like Ashton Classic, originated from the Dominican Republic and is wrapped in Connecticut, Maduro. The Cigar size is 4.50 inches, with a ring gauge of 33mm It has intense flavors and quality tobacco.

The Padron family business of cigars produced in Esteli, Nicaragua, has been running for generations and is famous for making luxury cigars. The cigar connoisseurs around the world give it a rating of 90+, making it one of the most highly applauded brands worldwide.

One of their top sellers is "Padron's 1964 Anniversary Maduro Exclusivo is what people believe dreams are made of". Their exclusive scent and aroma, with high demand, make them a selling cigar.

One of the things cigar connoisseurs like about Perdomo is their vision. The brand wishes to create high-quality cigars in an affordable range. That means a premium experience at a nominal price. While many cigar smokers chase after their favorites, many prefer Perdomo cigars because they provide value for money. A great option for best beginner cigars.

Acid Blondie has a herbal scent that is very pleasing to beginner cigar smokers. The convenient size and manageable ring gauge make it a perfect fit for novice smokers. The Cigar is wrapped in Connecticut to serve its smoker with extraordinary aromatic pleasure that is going to leave their tastebuds in awe. This hot seller is secretly infused with honey and citrus undertones–making it a perfect acid-based best beginner cigar to enjoy with your friends. To learn everything about Cigar 101 read our Cigar Guide for Beginners.

For the advanced cigar smoker:

Punch Elite EMS is from Honduras, wrapped in Connecticut, and filled in Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. Its intense aroma makes it a no-go for most novice smokers. It is sold for a nominal price and has a very aromatic and strong scent with a sweet touch, which is why it is a highly demanded cigar. It has a length of 5 ¼ inches, with a ring size of 45mm.

Here are some of our favorite best beginner cigar sampler pack:


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