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9 Most Expensive Cigars

What are some of the Most Expensive Cigars?

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time smoker, some cigars can catch anyone's eye. Some cigars are produced in small quantities, others for specific occasions. Regardless of the reason for production, these cigars have one thing in common; each is sold for a hefty price tag.

Let's explore some of the most expensive cigars in the world:

Gurkha Royal Courtesan, – $1,000,000

One of the world's best cigars, Gurka Royal Courtesan, is made in extremely limited quantities and has become one of the most expensive in the world. It has some of the most sought-after tobacco in the world, which is hand-rolled by a master cigar roller using a special mold. The result is a smoke described as "creamy" with "elegant woodsy flavors."

It takes about 3 years to the age, and it costs $1 million per cigar—not surprising when you consider its ingredients: Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan long-fillers; a Connecticut Habano wrapper grown from Cuban seeds; and a Dominican binder.

The Gurkha Royal Courtesan is presented in a special humidor with 24 chambers for each cigar, which are then further packaged in a custom box lined with Indonesian calfskin leather.

Mayan Sicars, – $507,000

Mayan Sicars are handmade cigars wrapped in tobacco leaves grown on the San Andres y Providencia islands off the coast of Nicaragua. These cigars contain a blend of Mayan tobaccos and have been described as having a "rich, complex flavor that is spicy, peppery, and woody." In 2012, one of these cigars was sold at an auction for $507,000. There is no question that this amount of money would be too high for most people to pay for a single cigar. However, when one considers that only a few Mayan Sicars were created in this particular blend, one can understand why someone would want to purchase one.

Gran Habano No 5, – $185,000

The Gran Habano No. 5 is the largest cigar in the world, at 6 meters long and weighing 725 Kilograms. It is also known as El Gigante. This cigar is not just unique because of its size, but because it is a product of Cuba.

This cigar has a rich aroma and an exceptional taste with hints of coffee and woody notes that are so strong that they can be detected even before lighting it up. The initial flavors are similar to those of cocoa powder, coffee beans, and earthy tones, which develop into coffee beans and spice notes with hints of pepper.

Regius Double Corona, – $52,785

When you have a hard time rationalizing spending $52,785 on a cigar, it's probably because you don't smoke cigars. It may seem like a lot of money to drop on a few puffs, but consider what constitutes "the best." The Regius Double Corona is made from the rarest tobacco leaves from the most fertile soils. It is crafted by expert cigar rollers who pass down their skills from generation to generation. The cigar has a sweet aroma and creamy texture and is an excellent accompaniment for coffee.

King of Denmark, – $4500

The King of Denmark is a cigar in a box made from high-quality wood, and a piece of cedar protects the cigars. The cigars inside are rare and considered some of the best in the world. They are so valued that they come with an engraved gold band. The blend is expected to be rich and flavorful, with notes of wood and spices. Once it's lit up, you can expect the smoke to be thick and voluminous, making it almost impossible to hold in your mouth for long. The taste will likely be smoky and strong, with hints of sweetness.

Gurkha Black Dragon, – $1150

The Gurkha Black Dragon is one of the most expensive handmade cigars. The filler is composed of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, which are then finished with a smooth Indonesian leaf for a final flourish. This combination makes for a very creamy smoke that tastes like chocolate immediately upon lighting. It's sweet and easy to enjoy, but it doesn't maintain this consistency. After the first few draws, the Black Dragon becomes much more chocolaty and earthy, as if someone had sprinkled cocoa powder on a bed of rich soil.

Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserves – $750

This luxury cigar is made with top-of-the-line materials and is a good choice for anyone who wants something luxurious without breaking the bank. Despite its high price, it isn't as pricey as other options available today.

The cigar has notes of pepper, earthy flavors, and sweet tones reminiscent of chocolate. Once you get past those initial tones, your palate will pick up on floral hints similar to lemon grass or tea leaves. There's also an overall sense of spice that lingers throughout each puff you take on this cigar.

Cohiba Behike, – $450

The Cohiba Behike is the first of its kind. A Cuban cigar made entirely with long-filler tobacco leaves. The blend incorporates a dark, peppery Cameroon wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder leaf, while the filler is composed of aged, handpicked leaves from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The result is a bold, leathery smoke with a solid earthy core and pleasant notes of coffee beans that is balanced by hints of dried fruit and sweet spice. It's an incredibly smooth cigar with great depth of flavor.

Arturo Fuente Opus X, – $300

The Opus X is a rare and precious gem of a cigar: it's one of the most expensive cigars in the world, with a price of $300. The cigar is firm but pleasant to handle and smells like raisins with hints of vanilla and cedar. It leaves a nice taste on your fingertips after you touch it. The burn is even throughout its duration, from about an hour and a half to two hours. If you have someone who appreciates good cigars, this would be an excellent gift they'll enjoy year-round!


The most expensive cigars are a testament to their makers' skill and workmanship and the importance of tobacco in our culture. These cigars are works of art, showing that even a simple leaf from the ground can become the inspiration for something beautiful.


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