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Tour de France

Tour De France

Tour de France is a famous cycling race, and it is the most prestigious event in cycling and one of the most important events in France. It is organized by Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), which organizes other major events such as Paris-Nice, Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Tours, and Criterium du Dauphine.

The Tour de France was first held in 1903 when Henri Desgrange planned to boost the circulation of L’Auto, a sports newspaper that he had founded a few years earlier. Since then, this event has become one of the most popular sporting events globally, watched by millions of people on television every year.

The Tour de France is an annual bicycle race held over 21 days. The race covers around 3,525 kilometers (2,180 miles) across France and neighboring countries. The race alternates between clockwise and counterclockwise circuits; riders cover large distances at high speed on flat stages or hilly terrain on mountain stages. There are rest days along the way; during these rest days, the cyclists do not ride their bikes but instead travel through the stages by bus or airplane to their next destination. In addition to its popularity as an athletic event, the Tour de France has become one of Europe's most important cultural events and a major source of income for many towns along its route.

 The Tour de France is known for its unpredictable nature, and many surprises have occurred over its history. Maurice Garin (Franche-Comté, 1871 - 1911) won the first Tour de France in 1903.


This year's event is scheduled for Fri, 1 Jul 2022, Sun, 24 Jul 2022.

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