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Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix


The Formula One United States Grand Prix is a motor race held in the United States for F1 racing cars. It's been held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, since 2012, after moving from its previous home at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2007. The event is one of the most popular races on the calendar, with more than 100,000 spectators attending each year. The race features several celebrities from other sports and entertainment industries; it's also an excellent opportunity for fans to get close to their heroes. The race has been around since 1959 but was only held in Indianapolis until 2007. In addition to being a premier sporting event, it's also an important political event that attracts high-profile guests from across the world.

In the early years of this event, there were several complaints about the track being too bumpy and challenging to drive on. This led to some drivers not wanting to participate or even quit mid-race. However, these issues were resolved over time, and today, it is considered one of the best tracks on the calendar. The track has been modified from previous years with the removal of turns 11-12 and re-profiling turn 12 to give it a more traditional configuration with a wider turn four and an additional chicane before turn one.


A new pit lane exit onto Farm to Market Road 3395, which runs parallel to the back straightaway. The track will feature 21 turns covering 5.513km.


The Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix 2022 will be held at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, October 23.

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