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Formula 1 - Mexico City

Formula 1 is the most popular and prestigious racing competition in the world. The sport started in 1950 and has proliferated. The first season was held on May 13, 1950, at Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain. Formula 1 was created to replace the Formula A category that was stopped because of fatal accidents. To make Formula 1 safer, new rules were introduced for drivers, and new rules were introduced, such as extinguishers and reinforced cockpits.

In October 2017, the Mexican Grand Prix was held in Mexico City's Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit. This event is considered one of the most important events among all other races during a season because it brings together many people from all over the world who love racing and motorsport.

In terms of importance, it's one of F1's most prestigious events on the calendar. It's one of only two events outside Europe (the other being Japan), so teams need to do well there to remain competitive against teams from Europe who have more experience with racing in hot climates.

The event isn't just important because it's the first race after winter testing but also marks the start of a new season. This year will see some big changes in regulations, with wider tires and faster cars coming into play, as well as new rules regarding driver weight distribution that could affect how teams approach their designs throughout the season.


The event is expected to kick start on October 28 - 30, 2022 Mexico City, Mexico.

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