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Formula 1- Italy

Formula 1 racing is a popular sport that is followed by millions of people around the world, and it is also one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. The F1 racing season consists of 19 races, each taking place over three days. These races occur in different countries such as Belgium, China, France, and Australia.

The drivers' championship has been awarded annually since the inaugural season in 1921 by the FIA. The constructors' championship was introduced in 1958 as an award for engine manufacturers and is currently awarded annually by Global Automotive Association (GAA). Drivers must hold valid Super Licences to compete at the highest level, but they do not need to be citizens of countries with Formula One race events.

In 2012 the FIA decided that double points would be awarded at the season's final race for the first time in Formula 1 history. This was done as an attempt to keep interest high for the last race of the season and increase competition between drivers at this point to increase viewership.

The drivers who participate in this competition must drive their vehicles at speeds exceeding 300 km/h. The cars used in the formula 1 racing are designed to ensure high speed while ensuring that they are safe enough for use on public roads. This has made them very popular with people who love speed and adventure.

The Italian Grand Prix is one of the most historical races globally. First held in 1921, it was staged 91 times and won by Ferrari (20). The race length is 306.720 km (190.596 miles) with 53 laps.

The next event is expected to begin on October Fri, 9 Sept 2022 – Sun, 11 Sept 2022.

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